Privacy Policy


Pehro design  places great emphasis on secure transactions and customer information privacy.

    We will not disclose your personal information to third parties.

    We collect personal information when you register with us, when you participate in reviews or place an order with us.

    When you search something on our site, keywords will be collected in a protected location for improving our search results.

    We reserve the right to use this personal information for user analysis to improve the user experience on this site.

    We reserve the right to disclose your personal information as and when necessary to comply with the law or protect and defend the rights or to ensure compliance with our Terms & Conditions.

    When you place an order on the website and enter your name and details, you will become a recognized user, and we will send a cookie to your computer. A cookie is a small file that may be placed on your computer's hard disk for record-keeping purposes. Cookies do not contain any information that can personally identify you. By using cookies, we can make your online experience more efficient. For example, they allow you to store your chosen items in your shopping basket, without losing them between visits, and to make the checkout process faster. Cookies do not store any passwords or credit card information, any information that personally identifies you, or any information that tracks you from session to session.