About us


Established in 2001. We began with our search for handcrafted jewelry & beautiful Linen clothing to make you feel comfortable and fall in love with yourself.

We are Very lucky to be based in the city of Gems "JAIPUR" and have combined our love of this beautiful area and all the wonderful GEMSTONES with our design skills and love of jewelry to create a collection of Precious and Semi-Precious gemstone jewelry.

As we expanded, we are proud to introduce our new linen blend range along with utility products. All the products are handmade at our own production unit in India by experienced and skilled craftsmen's.

We hope you find our personal service a great experience and direct access to people who design for you. Together let's make you feel more comfortable and beautiful.

Our gemstone jewelry is created by hand using old techniques and traditional skills. Fine handmade jewelry requires highly skilled labor to manually control tools and to transform precious metals and gemstones into works of art.

Pehro design is your all-in-one e commerce platform that specializes in selling customized and custom made products with unique and friendly approach. Pehro design sources and curates handmade and handcrafted artisanal products from all over India and customizes and personalises them according to one's style, fit, choice and preference. From traditional products to modern day accessories we indulge in making products under different segments and categories.

Pehro design believes in the beauty of India’s traditions and heritage and hence it is indulged in empowerment of the artisanal industry of India. We educate the consumer about our artisanal industry by making them aware of the products, the process of craftsmanship and the inspirations behind it. We create a direct relationship between the consumer and the manufacturer that equally values the choices and preferences of both the parties. While the customer demands his products to be tailored in a particular manner, the maker would be able to understand their likes and inclinations and cater accordingly.

Pehro design prefers natural materials and fibres that are sustainable and durable. We combine ethical suppliers with quality craftsmanship to create our products and make them one-of-a-kind. Our product line consists of clothing and Jewelry accessories for Women, From weddings and occasions to casual hang-outs, from workplace to night parties, we manufacture our products that are personalised and customized to suit each and every place, choice style and persona.

Pehro design provides Customization and Personalisation facilities for different segments and categories. We provide our customers with their accurate measurement and sizes for garments along with facilities of choosing their desired colours and silhouettes.

We ship our products worldwide with excellent courier facilities that will deliver your product to your doorstep with utmost care and within stipulated delivery timeline. We at Pehro design, have excellent customer service, who will cater to all your needs in the most efficient way possible and with an aim at providing you with an excellent shopping experience.

Our constant endeavour to improve is our main driving force and our motto is to serve our customers in every possible way. We strive to be even better and seek constant feedback for our esteemed patrons to further enhance and improve our product line.